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When it comes to making hit records, the executives of H.I.T.Z. International are no strangers. They have over twenty years of experience and have more than proven themselves on the national level. The company was established in 2009 when two notoriously known New Orleans hit making groups partnered to make history.

Partners-N-Crime members Michael Patterson and Walter Williams, and Black Menace members, Ronald Jones, and Wilson Williams all hold important positions which have helped to make the company a success.

As President of the company, Jay Da Menace has signed explosive acts that will ignite the industry and make H.I.T.Z. International a household name. His current roster is so diverse that the nation will have an artist to relate to, no matter their style or walk of life.

Vice President Mista Meana prides himself in having the responsibility of researching public interest. With his gathered information, he grooms each artist, providing them with the driving force necessary for their musical growth and development. From assessing voice tone and pitch, to critiquing instrumentals and delivery options, Mista Meana makes sure each record produced contains the formula for an undeniable hit.

Unknown to many in the public, H.I.T.Z. International also produces their own music videos. The coordination of the video development, design, and location lies with Kango. As Production Coordinator, Kango takes the music chosen for video filming and creates a development plan unique to the subject matter of the song. His distinctive and innovative approach has pushed the label and the artist to think outside the norm and focus on more than flashy jewelry and fast cars. Each video production has been like a feature film setting the label apart from those lacking talent, effort, or creativity.

Threat is the Senior A&R of H.I T.Z. International and aids the label in recruiting new talent relative to their new direction. There are currently six acts on the label and they are interested in welcoming new performing acts to the family.

In addition to the individual projects currently underway, the label also engages in the development and sales of beats and hooks. Many artists look for simplicity and thus seek to purchase only the instrumental and hook. We have them prepared with open verses and place them on the open market for those interested.

H.I.T.Z International sets out to be much more than a record label with plans to later expand in different areas. The uniqueness of the label lies in the fact that each artist plays a role other than that of a rapper. Several artists on the label have manuscripts, screenplays, and documentaries in the works that they would all like to be published and released with the company. The future of the company holds great things with several new projects to be released in the near future.

We are currently most elated about having a new place to call home. The H.I.T.Z. International headquarters is a stunning 3500 square feet two story undisclosed recording studio. Complete with the top engineering equipment, a gaming area, and even a bar and lounging area, the artists have the perfect place to retreat and delve into their musicianship. The company also owns a tour bus adorned with the label artist used for travel of the artist and/or the H.I.T.Z. team of marketing and promotions ambassadors.

With our internal personnel expanding to include a graphic design artist, a photographer, a videographer, and music producers, we are able to produce more quality work in an unbelievably rapid fashion giving us an edge over the competition. Truth is, our talent roster contains individuals that can handle any major responsibility or task that may arise. With such vigor and tenacity present and a reputation that precedes us, H.I.T.Z International is sure to leave a lasting impression on the music industry. Contrary to popular belief, it is our turn to make a difference!

Jay Jones leaks "Rackin Up" featuring EGMG Show & T-Stacks

Leading up to the release of "K.K.K." by HITZ International artist Jay Jones, "Rackin Up" featuring EGMG Show & T-Stacks has been released. It's a free download on Soundcloud. Check it out here:


Wallace Walker, III releases "I'm Great" featuring Blaze

HITZ International artist Wallace Walker, III has released "I'm Great", a twist on the Meek Millz/Lil Wayne hit "I'm Good". Check it out & download here:



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